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Progressive games are not any different from their original versions on the online casino Malaysia website, but there are ‘optional side bet’, which doubles bettors’ profit by each win. For starters, it will be easier to play progressive with simple games like Baccarat. Get to know what techniques you must know in live Progressive Baccarat Live before playing it below.

What Techniques You Must Know in Live Progressive Baccarat Live

  • Don’t Set Your Dreams Too High

Just because the game can multiply your profit without any house edge trimming, that doesn’t mean every goals are reachable. Aiming for high sum of money will also increase the risks of losing all profit – remember, in progressive betting all profit is gone just by one loss. Instead of aiming high, set several small goals to reach. Smaller goals are definitely easier to reach and by doing collective bets the profits are more certain to pile up more money.

What Techniques You Must Know in Live Progressive Baccarat Live
What Techniques You Must Know in Live Progressive Baccarat Live
  • Be (Progressively) Greedy

Of course, doing small bets consecutively take a long time to actually profit. Therefore, we can indulge our greedy personality by carving our steps slowly. After we have collected more money to back up the bets, it is possible to increase the goal. Don’t raise it too dramatically, though. Try to raise it per small unit. For example, set a small unit by 10 dollars and raise the bet goals by adding more small units (so the first raise will be 20 dollars, second it 30, etc.). Like that, the losses are more bearable and we can defend the profit as undamaged as possible.

  • Use the Usual Strategies

Even though we have progressive approach this time, the game is still just Baccarat after all. Therefore, betting on Banker will be the best option on board. Just do the usual approach by consecutively betting on Banker. However, don’t get greedy and stop once you have reached your goal. The usual tactics are only tools to help us win. Otherwise, be loyal to the goals you have set yourself. The goals are supposed to be the ruler of the bets, keeping bettors from walking astray or indulging the greedy paths.

  • Know When to Stop

Lower the goals are, easier for Progressive Baccarat to play. However, there are a few conditions where we should stop ourselves. First, as have mentioned above, stop once the goal has been reached. Second, stop betting when progressively adding up the goals become difficult to attain. Third, stop playing immediately once there is a loss. The three conditions above should be followed to help bettors from carving their ways to bankruptcy. Progressive games are not the place to gather profit – it is more of a challenge of guts and luck. So, if one of the three situations fall to you, stop immediately. Catching on losses doesn’t work with this game.

Now you know what techniques you must know in live Progressive Baccarat Live. Use them every time you play Progressive Baccarat. With care, these techniques will slowly bring you profit and safe it to disappear due to loss. Combine them with wise money management for maximum results.

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