Roulette Strategies to Avoid Losing Money

Roulette Strategies to Avoid Losing Money
Roulette Strategies to Avoid Losing Money

There are numerous online casino Malaysia strategies dedicated to Roulette, varying from progressive system like Martingale to fusions between bet combinations and money management. However, don’t just pick one without batting an eye – some strategies can bring ruin instead of profit. Don’t fall to that pit and learn Roulette strategies to avoid losing money listed below.

Roulette Strategies to Avoid Losing Money

Roulette Strategies to Avoid Losing Money
Roulette Strategies to Avoid Losing Money
  • Wise Money Management System

There are many types of money management strategy, but none of them are as wise as this system. Most of them, especially progressive systems, only decide the amount of money used each turn. They lure bettors with multiplying profit prospects. However, those kinds of system only work if the bettor keeps on winning – which makes Wise Money Management System shines among them.

Instead of blindly throwing out money, Wise Money Management System actually protect bettors from bankruptcy. First, it limits the money used by players every night. Second, it also protects the profits that have been earned in previous games. This system is an ideal defensive strategy and works perfectly for those that can’t manage their money handsomely. Here are the pointers:

  • Use only 1/10 of your bankroll each night. That amount shouldn’t hurt your savings too much and manageable even on losing streak.
  • Instead of drawing more money, use the earned profits for the next sessions. This way, your bankroll will be protected and you will play more carefully to defend your profits.
  • Don’t play in a losing streak. Even with good money management, bad luck still happens. If you are experiencing losing streaks, stop gambling and earn money until your bankroll recovers. Don’t let gambling rule your life, you can’t gamble if you can’t make a living.
  • Bet Combination

Now, for the offensive part, we can try Bet Combination Tactics. Basically, what bettors have to do is combining several bets together depending on the situation.

  • When starting a session, use low risks combinations like betting on Red, Black, or Odd-Even. Combining both also works, as they cover most of the number squares. This tactic will be slowly but stead,’’’’ily pile up profit.
  • After gathering more chips, use medium risks combinations like spreading corner bets throughout the number squares or pulling on some six lines. Combination of one or both type works as long they covered most of the number squares. This bet will multiply the profits more significantly.
  • Now, there’s high risk bets. This bet isn’t recommended for those who wanted to profit. If you want some adrenaline rush, this bet combinations can be an option. Invest on only one square – it can be your lucky number or zero.
  • Fusion Strategy

Since both of the strategies above only face to one side, fusing them together can be a good idea. Use both tactics together to assume an ultimate offensive-defensive system.

Now you know Roulette strategies to avoid losing money. To make them work, put them into practice in your future gambling to attain the best results. Also, never use progressive systems or payout ratio reliant tactics ever again. Use these strategies and win big tonight. Good luck!

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