Online Slot Games with a Lot of Bonuses

Online Slot Games with a Lot of Bonuses
Online Slot Games with a Lot of Bonuses

Online slot games are popular games, especially for bettors. The most interesting thing of online slot game is a lot of bonuses to make the jackpots bigger. So, bettors are likely to choose online slot games with a lot of bonuses. Here are some recommended online slot games with awesome bonuses.

Online Slot Games with a Lot of Bonuses

  • Charms and Clovers Online Slot

Starting this game, you will be welcomed by a leprechaun. As you know this creature is the symbol of luck, this is what you need when you play a slot game, right? Besides of that, the name of this game, Charms and Clovers, is indicating the luck also. Will you have lots of luck in this game?

Online Slot Games with a Lot of Bonuses
Online Slot Games with a Lot of Bonuses

Definitely you will have lots of luck since this game has a lot of bonuses. You can find bonus rounds, free spins, scatters, and wild symbols here. Bonus round is the special round of bonus, so when you get some combinations of symbol, you can go to this round and get bonus as many as you can in limited time. Free spins of course give you free chance to spin without depositing any money. Scatters and wild symbols will give you more additional money or free spin.

What special in scatters and wild symbols is the benefit that you can get from it? Just like magic, wild symbol will give you the combination of winning pay line. For example, the jackpot symbol is clover and the wild symbol is a leprechaun. You already have four clovers and a leprechaun, and then the leprechaun will be changed into a clover, so you can get an amazing jackpot! Scatter symbols will also give you a bonus wherever it appears, while it doesn’t necessary have to be in the winning pay line.

  • Black Gold

Do you want to be a gold miner and get so many gold that can turn you into a rich person? You will get it through Black Gold slot game. This game, as same as Charms and Clovers, has bonus rounds, wild symbol, scatters, and free spins. But, the ultimate thing is this game has a multiplier.

Multiplier will help you to multiply your jackpot. So, let’s say you get $100 as your jackpot and you get multiplier symbol in your winning line, it will double or triple your winning money into $200 or $300. Amazing!

  • Good Girl, Bad Girl

Do you like good girl like an angel or bad girl like a devil? You can meet both of them in this game and also win something from the bonuses. Similar to the previous games, Good Girl, Bad Girl has bonus round, wild symbols, multipliers, scatters, and free spins bonus. But, this game is a progressive jackpot. So, you can compile your jackpots in to something much bigger.

Those are online slot games with a lot of bonuses. You can choose among those games. The Black Gold with a gold mine theme, Charms and Clovers that will give you a lot of luck, or which side of Good Girl, Bad Girl do you like? Which one is your favorite? Let’s play and got the bonuses on you.

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