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How To Protect Yourself From Angle Shooting Cheatings, Most of us are familiar with poker game right? Here Angle Shooting is a part of poker game. Before knowing about poker game let us know in brief about poker. Poker is type of gambling that is usually played among small groups especially in parties and get together. This mostly an unfair game and people who are novice can face many troubles and these are the ones who are exposed to cheating. When it comes to Angle shooting it can be managed and we can protect our money through some of the following methods, which will be discussed in detail. Let us know what are the cheats involved in this game and later we can know the methods involved in preventing.

How To Protect Yourself From Angle Shooting Cheatings

How To Protect Yourself From Angle Shooting Cheatings
How To Protect Yourself From Angle Shooting Cheatings

Type of cheatings

  • Cheating can be done in various ways like keeping stack of cards under the hands and in their dress also called sleight of hand.
  • Stealing chips or cards directly without your notice might trouble you.
  • Card cheating or manipulation of cards.
  • Base dealer or bottom dealer that is relies on dealer wish.
  • Paper dealer is also a form of manipulating cards and marking the cards.
  • Double deal deals with two or more players during one round of deal.
  • Mere cheating does not involve any skills in manipulation all you need is how to escape from paying hose fee, shorting the pot and seeing other cards by using sunglasses is the most famous method in cheating.

How to protect yourself from being cheated?

  • Angle shooting being the most controversial poker games the main aim involved in angle shooting is to win the game by cheating.
  • Some of the most common ways of cheated can be avoided by following in line games as in online you have the opportunity not to fall in trap of ambiguous action, fake hand usage manipulating others by their influential words and action.
  • If you are playing a live angle shooter game betting line plays a crucial role from being cheated, if a person has done some homework regarding the game, they can easily play in live games without being influenced or cheated.
  • Don’t react too much and take hasty steps until your opponent act. This means you should act wisely after your dealer places an opponent action.
  • Count your chips carefully.
  • It is a misconception that every player can count their chips of their opponents but it is wrong notion, so try to be careful while keeping your chips in slots.
  • It is best if you count chips as fast as possible so that you can analyze how you can segregate your chips depending on your opponents.
  • Counter the accidental raising.
  • Though the disconnection problem is irritating as while playing game depending on the network if the game gets disconnected you might lose all money kept on the bets.
  • Some of the safe and trust worthy sites allow the user to restore their game and money if your game gets disconnected in between.
  • Many poker sites allow security options which avail gamer to prevent his game from being hacked.


It’s is fun to play these kind of games and earn money simply but it is not necessary that you can always win these games without knowing the cheats and how can you prevent yourself from being cheated is discussed in this article. So to protect yourself follow some of the tips and try to share with your friends and family as well.

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