How to choose the right poker site online

How to choose the right poker site online
How to choose the right poker site online

Online poker is a great way to pass your time, and maybe make some money in the process. There are hundreds of sites on which you can play online poker free. Searching for the best site can be a little daunting for a new player, as you have to discriminate between the numerous sites to find the site that’s just right for you. If you’re wondering how to choose the right poker site online, you can use certain criteria to compare and simplify the selection process.   Depending on the purpose why you want to pay poker, you will have to find the perfect site suited for you. Check out the criteria below:

Free poker sites

Many people want to play poker purely for recreation and do not want to gamble with real money. If you’re one of them, you should ensure that the site you have chosen allows and is interested in ‘free’ players. Most online sites do have the ‘free’ option, so you can play poker without having to lose any money.

How to choose the right poker site online

How to choose the right poker site online
How to choose the right poker site online

Downloading poker games can be a little risky as viruses or / and adware can be downloaded to your system. This can lead to your personal data being compromised and your system can be corrupted leading to the loss of data. With online poker, you can avoid the danger or viruses infecting your system.

Making deposits and withdrawals

Before selecting a site, you have to check the methods of deposit payment, and winnings withdrawal, accepted by the site, and whether these methods are considered legal in the area you live. Credit cards, bank transfer, checks, wire transfers and e-wallets are usually accepted by online sites. Find out the percentage that is usually charged by e-wallets by reaching out to other players on online forums.


The sites which offer more modes of support such as fax, telephone, live chat and email are better. Better still, is if the site provides toll-free support for your area.

Area legal restrictions

Sometimes, you cannot access certain sites as there might be laws against gambling in your area, even for free. Check with jurisdiction laws locally to find out whether you can play online poker from your home or not.

Game variety

Game variety is another important criterion to choose a poker site. Texas Holdem, Omaha Poker, Draw Poker, Stud, pot limit and limit games and tournaments. Some tournaments offer large prizes so you can check that out too.

Game features

Features of the games such as multiple playing windows, hand history, player notes and statistics, visual and audio indicators and turbo games etc need to be considered before choosing a site.


Rake is the term used for the amount of money of your winnings which the site would take, from each of the hands you play. Poker sites use Average Contribution and Weighted Contribution to calculate the rake. Lower rake mean more money for you but this should not be the only consideration while choosing a site.


Most sites will give you a bonus when you first sign up. These bonuses depend on your initial deposit and the amount you spend playing on that particular site. Some sites offer bonuses to ‘free’ players as well. While choosing a poker site to play, ensure that you read the policies and rules and regulations of the website. This will help you to make an informed decision.

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