Best Tricks in Live Baccarat Game

Best Tricks in Live Baccarat Game
Best Tricks in Live Baccarat Game

What is the better option than playing online baccarat? The answer is playing live baccarat! Not only does this version offer you the excitement and simplicity of the game, but it also allows you to interact with the real dealer. If you want to boost your enjoyment, we have the best tricks in live baccarat game. You must note that the only difference between an ordinary online baccarat game and its live version is that you can see the real table and dealer. Therefore, you can use the same strategies and tactics. However, you should pay attention to these tricks.

Best Tricks in Live Baccarat Game

Best Tricks in Live Baccarat Game
Best Tricks in Live Baccarat Game
  • Avoid the Tie Bet

Coming with a very high house edge of 14.4%, the tie bet must be avoided at all cost. Even though the eight to one payout is quite large compared to the payouts of the other hands, the probability of correctly guessing a tie is very small. It is not worth trying for it will separate you from your hard-earned cash quickly.

  • Banker Bet or Player Bet?

If you find a lot of sites saying that you must place a wager on the banker hand, you should stop to think whether their tip is correct. It is true that the banker hand has a lower house edge of 1.06% compared to the player hand which possesses a house edge of 1.24%. Yet, the 5% commission change which is applied to the banker bet evens both bets out.

It does not mean that you must never place a bet on the banker hand. You just need to consider both of them equal. Choose the one which you think will win.

  • Check the Odds and the Payouts

It is the most important thing to do before you start playing a live baccarat. The player hand’s one to one payout and odds generally are the same in every game. However, the payouts and the commission charge of the banker hand may vary. The 5% commission rate is just the standard.

It also applies when you place a wager on a side bet. The side bets are not very profitable so you should not place them often. However, if you decide to get more thrill, read the table about those first to avoid going broke.

  • Deck of Card

Since you can see the dealer and the table, it is possible to practice card counting. You can only do this if the penetration is deep enough and you have mastered the skill. Hence, knowing the number of the deck used in the game is of paramount importance.

  • Betting Systems?

No betting systems can guarantee that you win 100%. Some of them even make you lose much money if you face a cold run. Stop taking notes. Do not be greedy and chase losses. If you have enough, just cash out and leave.

These tips will not guarantee 100% chance of winning, but they will guide you to make the best decisions throughout the gambling session. The best tricks in live baccarat game will maximize your enjoyment of the game. Hence, you can reap the profits and socialize with other people.

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