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Sic Bo is one of the classic online casino Malaysia games. There are many platforms servicing the game, starting from standard tables, slots, to online betting. The rules are the same, but there are a few differences to not especially on the online ones. Learn 3 Useful Information You Must Know in Online Sic Bo below in order to achieve the maximum winning chance.

3 Useful Information You Must Know in Online Sic Bo

3 Useful Information You Must Know in Online Sic Bo
3 Useful Information You Must Know in Online Sic Bo
  • The House Edge May Be Slightly Different

It is unusual for online services to have different prices than normal ones. The price is usually affected by certain things, such as internet bills, program designs, crews, and location fees for Live Betting. However, please note that there is no standardized fee online. You will find the prices differ from a site to another, which can be thin or significant. Again, these differences are caused due to the aspects mentioned above. To get the best deals, research each sites carefully and pick ones with the best offers and reviews.

  • Fees between Live Betting and RNG are Different Too

While they are both online, these two platforms actually have different needs. Live Sic Bo Betting general needs more funds – as they have to purchase multiple cameras just for a table, the instruments itself, crews behind the scenes, and good looking dealers with appealing sets of costumes. In the other hand, RNG (Random Number Generator) Sic Bo requires fewer funds due to their minimalistic interface. So, most Live Betting platform is more expensive than RNG ones. However, both house edges are higher than regular casinos.

  • Otherwise, Usual Sic Bo Pointers Still Help You Win

Higher house edge means bettor’s profit will be trimmed more. However, that doesn’t mean playing Sic Bo online will not profit. Gambling online actually is very flexible. Since they are available 24/7, every bettor can play it all day between their usual schedules. Because of the online platforms, gambling shift from exclusive night activity into everyday routine, and with the right time management, online bettors can totally play longer each day.

The game rules also don’t really change between normal casinos and online. Therefore, there is no need to learn more than the usual game pointer. In case you don’t know Sic Bo general guidelines, here they are:

  1. Do Small Risk Bets

In Sic Bo, that would be small or big. These bet options have the lowest odds because they cover many parts of the possible results. Because of that, it is easier to win with them.

  1. Avoid Risky Bets

Vice versa from the point above, we should avoid bets with high odds. Don’t let the payout ratio tempt you. They are high for a reason.

  1. Fuse the Bets

Betting small or big alone may have smaller risk. However, they profit progress is really slow. Combine them with specific number bets.

Now you know about useful information you must know in Online Sic Bo. They may not be too appealing at first, but in the long run, they will definitely affect a few aspects of the gameplay. Don’t let them bother you, though. Keep playing as always while keeping the information in mind.

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